Thursday, 16 August 2012

Primal Scream -- The Band Of The 90s

Were Primal Scream the best band of the 90s? My friend says no, and he should know, he was there. And that's something. But he does admit that "Screamadelica" was one of the Top 10 albums of that decade. So that's something. He and I saw them live at a Big Day Out at the end of the 90s. That was something!

Last year, they decided to 'come together' to play the album "Screamadelica" live and in full to celebrate its 20 year anniversary. And what a show it proved to be. Check it. I did. That may or may not be me holding up the beer bottle in this video. I had a few that night on The World's End Press' rider.

I couldn't find a recording of the Melbourne show, but here's one from Dublin from the same tour.

01. Intro
02. Movin’ On Up
03. Slip Inside This House
04. Dont Fight It, Feel It
05. Damaged
06. I’m Coming Down
07. Inner Flight
08. Higher Than The Sun
09. Loaded
10. Come Together
11. Swasktika Eyes
12. Country Girl
13. Jailbird
14. Rocks
Download "Live in Dublin" here

And now it's been announced that they're coming back to give the Meredith Music Festival a treat. They would sound awesome in the Amphitheatre. You should go, but before you do, take a listen to every single one of their albums.

Sonic Flower Groove

Primal Scream


Give Out But Don't Give Up

Vanishing Point


Evil Heat

Riot City Blues

Beautiful Future

Oh, and here's my mate's Top 10 list of bands from the 90s.

1.       Radiohead
2.       U2
3.       Radiohead
4.       Radiohead
5.       Radiohead
6.       Oasis
7.       Radiohead
8.       Radiohead
9.       Radiohead
10.   The Cranberries


  1. i love The Cranberries

  2. Your mate has great taste, cept for 10