Friday, 31 August 2012

Solid Light - Live @ Loop 13th July 2012 - Bad Party Mixtape

Solid Light will blow your mind. This is a recording of a show that happened in July and what a nice collection of tunes it is. Look for the tequila-infused stylings of "El Deporto", the deep, deep bounce of "Too Many Horizons" and the old-skool feel of "Good Time" which sounds like Moby if only he finally moved on from the 90s!

Lots of disco, hip-hop and left-field electronica here. This is Bad Party Records first full length release, and if this is what they're going to push out, then good times lie ahead for all of us. Plug it in, plug it in!

Pick up the album "Passwords" here

1. Solid Light - Is Real 
2. Solid Light - Too Many Horizons 
3. Solid Light - Getting Excited 
4. Solid Light - Make It Home (Pocketknife remix) 
5. Solid Light - El Deporto (Mr Bronson's Club Dub) 
6. Solid Light - Interactive 
7. Solid Light - Opium Den (Jamin Hernandez remix) 
8. Solid Light - Good Time

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