Thursday, 31 May 2012

Grand Master Duff

That game you play on the dancefloor. You've had a few, the game is a little skew whiff, things are a little crooked. Then the DJ drops something a little funny, a little familiar. And you know it. Or you think you do. But you can't place it. It bounces around in your brain, or just off to the left of it. On the outskirts, the fringe. You look around, but everyone's still dancing to the last tune. You're it! The Man! The only one who's heard that new song coming in and yet you can't pick it.

Well, here's the game. Pick this before the drop at 57 seconds. I didn't.

And then you'll kick yourself and pretend you knew all along.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The More Energy Workout -- Luke Million

Oh Luke Million, you funny geezer! Sure, your hit "Arnold" is getting lots of attention all over the disco world at the moment, Sure, you've snagged yourself a spot on a couple of festival line-ups. But did you have to go all early 80s disco on us and release this absolute blinder of a set? Yep, I guess you did.

Get those leg-warmers warmed up, chuck on some sweat bands, and ask yourself whether you want to funk. If the answer is yes, then press play.

-- Track listing --
1. FUNKACISE GANG – Funkacise 
2. RAY PARKER JR & RAYDIO – For Those Who Like To Groove
3. RAY PARKER JR & RAYDIO– Still In The Groove
4. OLLIE & JERRY – There’s No Stopping Us
5. THE S.O.S. BAND – Take your time (Do it Right)
6. ELECTRA – Feels Good (instrumental)
7. SYLVESTER – Good Feeling
8. PATRICK COWLEY – Right on Target
9. PARLIAMENT – Mothership Connection (Daft Punk Remix)
10. SYLVESTER – Don’t Stop
11. SYLVESTER – Do You Want to Funk
12. PUMPING IRON OST – Pumping Iron Theme

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Isaak the Chris - Wicked Game (Final DJs 2011 Funky Bass Rmx)

This is clever, and cheeky, and a bit of fun, and a nice way to finish off a set. Which is exactly what I did with it the other night.

Download a craptastic copy of it here.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Better by the Pound -- Luke Brouwer

A nice little house mix here from a Melbourne lad called Luke Brouwer. Recorded by him in March, found be me in April, enjoyed by you in May. 

Nice selection of tracks, mixed the old-school way with some emphasis on the intros and outros. Plenty of drums, cool basslines and nice twinkly keyboards and guitars. Vocals kept to a minimum and grooves turned up full blast.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Death of Disco

It hasn't been a good week for disco. Sure, us Gen X kids are getting kind of used to seeing our childhood idols dropping dead. MJ, Whitney, Loleatta Holloway, MCA, and Johnny Cash (ok, so not quite disco, but man, I love his tunes), have all collected their coats from the cloak room lately and headed up to the soulful choir upstairs.

But this week, two big disco greats have sadly passed.

Let's pay our respects, the old-school way, by listening to their greatest hits.

First, there was Donna Summer

The Journey
1. Love To Love You Baby
2. Could It Be Magic
3. I Feel Love
4. I Love You
5. Last Dance
6. Macarthur Park
7. Heaven Knows
8. Hot Stuff
9. Bad Girls
10. Dim All The Lights
11. No More Tears (enough Is Enough)
12. On The Radio
13. The Wanderer
14. Love Is In Control (finger On The Trigger)
15. State Of Independence
16. She Works Hard For The Money
17. This Time I Know It's For Real
18. I Will Go With You (con Te Partiro)
19. That's The Way

So, what's your favourite Donna Summer song? For me, it's "Love to love you baby"

Then, there was Robin Gibb


1967-68 - The Studio Albums (6 CD):
1st - 2 CD
Horizontal - 2 CD
idea - 2 CD
1969 - Best of Bee Gees vol. 1
1969 - Odessa
1970 - Cucumber Castle
1971 - 2 Years On
1971 - Melody
1971 - Trafalgar
1972 - To Whom It May Concern
1973 - Life In A Tin Can
1974 - Mr. Natural
1975 - Main Course
1976 - Children of the World
1977 - Saturday Night Fever (Remastered)
1979 - Greatest (2 CD)
1979 - Spirits Having Flown
1981 - Living Eyes
1987 - E-S-P
1989 - One
1990 - Tales From The Brothers Gibb A History In Song 1967-1990 (4 CD)
1991 - High Civilization
1993 - Size Isn't Everything
1993 - Turn Around, Look At Me
1993 - You Wouldn't Know (1966)
1996 - The Very Best Of The Bee Gees
1997 - Classic Years (The Bee Gees Claustrophobia)
1997 - Dance Collection
1997 - Still Waters
1998 - Brilliant From Birth (2 CD)
1998 - One Night Only (2 CD)
1998 - The Very Best Of Bee Gees II
2001 - Their Greatest Hits[/b] - The Record (2 CD)
2001 - This Is Where I Came In
2004 - Number Ones
2005 - Love Songs
2007 - Greatest (Special Limited Edition 2007)
2009 - The Ultimate (Japan 2 CD)
2010 - Mythology (4 CD)
2010 - Number Ones - (2004 Japan)

Part One
Part Two

Monday, 21 May 2012

I Feel Loved -- Volta Cab

Oh, I do like this disco trip. Nice atmospheric beginning, a solid little intro beat, drop that bass and off we go. Grab me a beer, I'll be over at the edge of the dancefloor for this one, watching the moves, throwing some shapes.

This should be in your record box now. No, I mean right now. No download, at the moment.

EDIT:- Ah, he took it down from his Soundcloud. Oh well, you can find it in my latest mixtape.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Psychemagik - All Back To Mine mix - Sean Rowley on BBC Radio Kent

Remember those "Back to Mine" CDs from the late 90s? You couldn't hide from them. Every cafe, every bar, every hipster second-hand jean-jacket shop had one playing. There were some good ones. Groove Armada, I'm looking at you. 

It seems someone's still digging the scene with their gangsta lean. Here's a little mix that was broadcast on Sean Rowley's BBC Radio Kent show on the 12th of May. It's by the Psychemagik guys and it's really cool.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Discothèque - Disco Special (Jamin Hernandez Edit)

I am enjoying the tunes coming out of the Bad Party Record collection. Here's a cool little edit of an old 70s robotic disco tune. It's gone all funky and squelchy. Nice free download, too. Everyone loves a free download.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Larry Levan Live @ The Paradise Garage, New York - Early 80s

In the 80s it was all about the Garage sound coming from the Paradise Garage in New York.

That's not really true. In fact, it was hardly ever about this sound. People wanted to destroy disco, wore "disco sucks" t-shirts. and held rallies where any album that featured a disco beat or even a black artist was thrown onto a bonfire. It was a veiled racism and homophobia fueled by racist shock-jock DJs like Steve Dahl. I'm so glad we don't have intolerant shock-jocks on the radio any more. Ha!

But then there was Larry Levan and his disco tunes that slowly morphed into the Garage sound that would lead the way for House music all night long!

Here's a cut from one of his nights. "Is it all over my face?" You bet!

A night like this in Melbourne would be great, don't you think? Let's get some Garage action happening this winter!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle (Remixed by Pied Piper)

This clever AOR disco remix is a nice little work-out of an old Steve Miller Band classic. Not too much has been done to the original. There's not much need. It drops in and out and round about and rolls around  a fair bit. You'll dig it.

Friday, 11 May 2012

3 MC's and Some dj dL's tribute to the Beastie Boys RIP MCA

Yep, the Beastie Boys are no more now that Adam Yauch has sadly passed away.

But man, they were good back in the day. Here's why:

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

This Is Disco - The Cocktail Hour - Bad Party Mixtape

Got a mix I stole from somewhere else, today. Well, I found it becuase I follow a DJ called withlovexx on Soundcloud and he "liked" it, so then I "liked" it, and now you can "like" it, too. Wow, look at us getting all Gen-Y in here!

It's from the Melbourne crew "ThisIsDisco" and its a nu-disco party in a podcast!

Oh, and if you're reading this withlovexx, I'd love to come and play a set of disco tunes with you.

-- Tracklisting --
1. Rene & Angela - Love You More (The Revenge Remix)
2. 78 Edits - Inside
3. Kastil - Back To Philadelphia
4. Anonym - I'm A Dancer
5. Debonair - Tell You More
6. Kastil - Disco Flavour
7. Sellouts - Let Me Work
8. Pitchben - Stand Up (Tiger & Woods Remix)
9. Stars On 33 - Something You Can Feel
10. Memoryman - Ain't No Big Edit
11. Tiger & Woods - Lab File #1
12. Heion - Jam Sam
13. Kris Menace Pres. Stars On 33 - Luv
14. LTJ - Hands Hot (LTJ Edit Re-Work)
15. Hotbox - Like You Used To
16. Joseph Terruel - U Dreamin
17. Son Of Sound - Thanks In Advance
18. Nelue - Deconstructed (Crazy P Remix)
19. Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - Simple Girl (Tiger & Woods Remix)

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Avalanches -- New Mixes!

It's been ten years since The Avalanches released their game-changer "Since I Left You". Then, for the next decade, nothing! Sure, they've all been doing stuff. Dexter's set at this year's Golden Plains Music Festival was mind-blowing. (Did anyone record it? I'd love to hear it again).

There's been a few mixtapes spring up occasionally. This one called "After The Goldrush" was great, especially the transition from Beach Boys to Chemical Brothers.

  1. Bob Dylan – Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do?
  2. Beach Boys – Matchpoint Of Our Love
  3. Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar
  4. KLF – 3 Am Eternal
  5. Basement Jaxx – Light Your Lighter
  6. Unknown Artist – Shady
  7. Q Tip – Breathe And Stop
  8. Aldo Bender – Acid Enlightenment
  9. Thomas Bangalter – Turbo
  10. Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better (Todd Edwards “Dub Better” remix)
  11. Mr Oizo – M Seq
  12. Felix Da Housecat – Strobe
  13. DJ Funk – Booty Perc-U-Later
  14. BS 2000 – Nobody Beats BS 2000
  15. DJ Funk – Every Freakin Day
  16. Aphex Twin – Afx237 v7
  17. Shimon & Andy C – Bodyrock
  18. The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist
  19. Bubba Sparxx – Ugly
  20. Bobby Digital – Must Be Bobby
  21. DJ Zinc – 138 Trek
  22. Dr Dre – Forgot About Dre
  23. Chemical Brothers – It Began In Africa
  24. Underworld – Rez /Cowgirl
  25. Guns N Roses – Welcome To The Jungle
  26. Thomas Bangalter – Colossus
  27. Mc5 – Tonite
  28. Missy Elliott – Get Yr Freak On
  29. George Michael – Faith
  30. Destiny’s Child – Jumpin Jumpin
  31. Foundation Players – Fireball
  32. Eminem – The Real Slim Shady
  33. Xpress 2 – Smoke Machine
  34. Missy Elliott – One Minute Man
  35. J Walk – Soul Vibration
  36. Princess Superstar – Wet Wet Wet
  37. Queen – I Want To Break Free
  38. Detroit Grand Pubahs – Sandwiches
  39. Daft Punk – Oh Yeah
  40. Hall And Oates – I Cant Go For That (No Can Do)
  41. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
  42. Beach Boys – Johnny Carson

But, in the last few weeks, there has been some speculation that these two mixes are by what's left of The Avalanches crew. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

Sleepy Bedtime Mix for Young Ones

Miracle Device

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Bird and the Bee - I Can't Go For That (Drunken DT Edit)

So many good covers and remixes of this song. This is a combination of both. A remix and a cover. A covemix. Sorry!


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rock The Yacht -- Gram Morris

And so it begins!

Some AusAOR Disco!

This is such a good mix. It's a shame it's almost winter here in Melbourne. But here's a set that will keep you warm. Okay, so maybe there's a couple of songs in here that you've played out all summer, but still, they still sound good now that winter is here. Robert Dupree will never get old. And Lindsay Buckingham is just golden as far as I'm concerned. And Stevie Nicks -- well, I would drag her heart around! 

-- Tracklisting --

Travellin- The Jeremy Spencer Band

Liverpool Fool – Browning Bryant 

It Never Rains in California – Albert Hammond 

I Just want to love you – Midnight Flyer 

Night Flight – La Bionda 

Steal Away – Robbie Dupree 

Trouble – Lindsay Buckingham 

Right Down the line – Gerry Rafferty 

Face in the Window – David Loggins 

Stop Draggin my heart around – Stevie Nicks 

Breakdown – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 

Strengthen my love(Northern Rascal Edit) – Amy Holland

I.G.Y. – Donald Fagen 

Slow Dancer – Life Force

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Soggy Disco Biscuit -- Volume 14

May's monthly mixtape is here, so grab your headphones and plug in. It's a jumbled mess this month, just the way I like it.  There's a bit of a Massive Attack theme going on at the start and a Dolly Parton remix squeezed in between. From there, it's taken up a notch with some local remix action from LNTG and Shan Frenzie. Then, finish it off with some cheeky boogaloo and some Lenny Kravitz. A little bit of something for everyone.

May, 2012

-- Tracklisting --

"Paid In Full (Classy Mix)" - Eric B & Rakim
"Mambo" - Wally Badarou
"No P's" - Dr. Dunks
"Somebody Else's Guy (Jackmaster Hawk's usefull DJ re-edit)" - Jocelyn Brown
"Be Thankful For What You've Got" -  William DeVaughn
"Baby Come On" - James Otis White
"One Nite At The Disco (Greg Wilson Rework) - Late Nite Tuff Guy
"Love Comedown" - Bicep
"Love Sensation (Shan Frenzie Edit)" - Loleatta Holloway
"Yearning (Original Mix)"  - Black Van
"Owner Of A Boogaloo Heart" - Minimatic
"What goes around comes around (Disco Syndicate's no sax edition)" - Lenny Kravitz