Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The More Energy Workout -- Luke Million

Oh Luke Million, you funny geezer! Sure, your hit "Arnold" is getting lots of attention all over the disco world at the moment, Sure, you've snagged yourself a spot on a couple of festival line-ups. But did you have to go all early 80s disco on us and release this absolute blinder of a set? Yep, I guess you did.

Get those leg-warmers warmed up, chuck on some sweat bands, and ask yourself whether you want to funk. If the answer is yes, then press play.

-- Track listing --
1. FUNKACISE GANG – Funkacise 
2. RAY PARKER JR & RAYDIO – For Those Who Like To Groove
3. RAY PARKER JR & RAYDIO– Still In The Groove
4. OLLIE & JERRY – There’s No Stopping Us
5. THE S.O.S. BAND – Take your time (Do it Right)
6. ELECTRA – Feels Good (instrumental)
7. SYLVESTER – Good Feeling
8. PATRICK COWLEY – Right on Target
9. PARLIAMENT – Mothership Connection (Daft Punk Remix)
10. SYLVESTER – Don’t Stop
11. SYLVESTER – Do You Want to Funk
12. PUMPING IRON OST – Pumping Iron Theme

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