Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Larry Levan Live @ The Paradise Garage, New York - Early 80s

In the 80s it was all about the Garage sound coming from the Paradise Garage in New York.

That's not really true. In fact, it was hardly ever about this sound. People wanted to destroy disco, wore "disco sucks" t-shirts. and held rallies where any album that featured a disco beat or even a black artist was thrown onto a bonfire. It was a veiled racism and homophobia fueled by racist shock-jock DJs like Steve Dahl. I'm so glad we don't have intolerant shock-jocks on the radio any more. Ha!

But then there was Larry Levan and his disco tunes that slowly morphed into the Garage sound that would lead the way for House music all night long!

Here's a cut from one of his nights. "Is it all over my face?" You bet!

A night like this in Melbourne would be great, don't you think? Let's get some Garage action happening this winter!

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