Thursday, 29 March 2012

Got No Money Mixtape -- Break Potato!

Here's a party in your pocket! Break Potato from the UK has got this party started right! This mixtape jumps and jives, rocks and rolls, and drops it like it's a hot potato. All sorts of party tunes here, nicely blended and mixed and all bent out of shape. A bit of a trainspotters dream here.

It's a new genre -- mashup potato! Add some Worcestershire Sauce!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Solomun -- Love Recycled

This remix is still stuck in my record box. (lol, as if DJs have record boxes these days). It's a blinding deep house remix of an old 1982 track by Michael McDonald. Check out the video here.

Solomun has given it the classic house treatment -- take the bass line and loop it around. Build the drums slowly. Tease the floor with the lyric. Take it all away, and bring it back again. Tasty!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

DJ MK -- 90s Mixtape

I've posted a set from the DJ Mag Podcast before, and here's another ripper. Lots of 90s dub classics here and a nice, tight mix. I love the MaW track, but they're all really good. Have a read about it below.

"We're incredibly chuffed to have MK, aka Marc Kinchen, drop us this podcast which combines many of his classic '90s dubs and original productions with newer remixes and tracks from his contemporaries. Rough and raw, the Detroit-born producer, whose vocal cut-up style inspired the likes of Todd Edwards packs 26 tracks into his hour long mix, dropping Mosca next to Opus III and mixing Maceo Plex into the Pet Shop Boys. It's the perfect way to get up to speed on one of house music's most influential cats, who is now working with Defected as well as alongside Hot Natured, and hopefully just the beginning of MK stepping out of the studio and hitting the road to play some more gigs again."

--Tracklisting --
1.Hunter Game - 'Touch Me'
2.Pet Shop Boys - 'Can You Forgive Her' (MK Mix)
3.Maceo Plex - 'Under The Sheets'
4.Modern Amusement - 'Cold As Ice' (Louie Fresco Remix)
5.Masters At Work - 'I Can't Get No Sleep' (MK Remix)
6.House Republic - 'Nuggetz'
7.Cassius - 'The Sound of Violence'
8.Washerman - 'Basement Chord'
9.MK Feat Alana - 'Burning' (MK 2012)
10.Laura Jones - 'Love Me In' (Maceo Plex Remix)
11.4th Measure Men - '4 You'
12.Creep Feat Nina Sky - 'You' (Mk Hot Tub Dub)
13.Eats Everything - 'Entrance Song'
14.Jodeci - 'Freaking You' (MK Dub)
15.Lana Del Rey - 'Blue Jean' (Darkest MK Mix)
16.Storm Queen - 'Look Right Through' (MK Dub)
17.MK - 'Don’t Talk To Me' (Vocal Mix)
18.Inner City - 'Future' (MK Aw Deep Dub)
19.Bizarre Inc - 'You Took My Love' (MK Dub)
20.Lonely C - 'I Remember Those Days' (Tanner Ross Remix)
21.Mosca - 'Bax'
22.Opus III 'When You Made The Mountain' MK Mix
23.Fire Flowers - 'Over' (Night Riders Remix)
24.Cajmere - 'Brighter Days' (Underground Remix)
25.Andrea Olivia - 'Piano Piano'
26.Bella Saona 'Off With Their Heads' (MK Mixes)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Moodymann Live @ RBMA Rollerskating Jam

When was the last time you were at the roller-disco? Yeah, it was a long time ago for me, too. Last time I was there, the DJ was playing "Whip It" by Devo. Yeah, I know!  I'd like to think that if I went today, that the DJ would be playing this sort of playlist.

Moodymann has got this set going on! Lotsa great disco in here, some smooth house remixes, and his "woo-hoo" DJing style over the top of it all.

Get ya skates on!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Second Summer Of Love Acid House Mix 1988

These are the best types of mixes, in my opinion. Not because of the mixing, or the track selection, but how it came to find its way onto the internet.

This used to be a tape. You know, one of those tapes you would buy at Camden Market on a Sunday morning hoping to hear a track you vaguely remember from Saturday night. Some dodgy bootleg that found its way onto a TDK via the DJ's acetate recording. Ended up on Simon's stall. No tracklisting, not even sure who the DJ is.

It doesn't matter. This is classic Aceeeeiiiiid from 1988 and it comes from Nick Libetta's tape collection. Check out his page on The Facebook thing.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Jimbalaya -- The Good, the Bad and the Lovely

Here's a really diverse mix for your Saturday morning. Lots of stuff here, from disco to the latest pop song. It's all smooshed together in a way that's kinda interesting, but also a little ADHD as well. Chuck it on and get that housework done.

"This is a casual stroll through 67 songs in less than half as many minutes. It’s a layered mix that goes a long way in creating a whole new thing out of a seriously wide range of tunes (and even a poem)."
Cast of Characters (in order of appearance):
Normal Position – Altered
Amon Tobin – Sorded
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – If This World Were Mine (Acapella)
Banbarra – Shack Up
Astor Piazzolla – Tristeza, Separaciones – Part II
Goblin – Flashing
Gil Scott-Heron – Explanations
LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge
Joe Bataan – Sadie (She Smokes)
Franz Ferdinand – Outsiders
Baby Mammoth – Do I Move You?
Blackbyrds – Blackbyrds Theme
Oumou Sangare – Kayini Wura
Sudafed – The Love Bug
Cuica – Trommel Monster
Four Tet – She Moves She
Tipper – Hobbledehoy
TTC – Coffeeshop (Instrumental)
Quantic – Sweet Calling (Feat Alice Russell)
Ratatat – Mandy
Pink Floyd – Hey You
Kasabian – Ovary Stripe
Aluminum Babe – Everything 2 Me (Session)
Thievery Corporation – A Guide For I & I
Fila Brazillia – Pots & Pans
Plantlife – Tear The House Down
The Police – Voices Inside My Head (Acapella)
Sugar Hill Gang – Rapper’s Delight
George Clinton – Theme From The Black Hole (‘All Around The World’)
Pink Floyd – Money
The Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give (Dr Rockit Remix)
Feist – Sea Lion Woman
Jimi Hendrix – Foxy Lady
Every Move A Picture – The Best Is On The Outside
Joe Beats – Indian Summer
Amon Tobin – People Like Frank
Allen Ginsberg – America
!!! – Sweet Life
Four Tet – High Fives
Ben Harper – When It’s Good
Lykke Li – Melodies & Desires
Andrew Bird – Action Adventure
Tosca – Annanas (Uko Dub)
Cat Stevens – Sad Lisa
Two Lone Swordsmen – Ivy And Lead
Bob Marley – Caution
DJ Cliffy & Russ Jones – On The Ride
Blondie vs The Doors – Rapture Riders
Lykke Li – Let It Fall
The Meters – Britches
Blue States – Ten Shades
Brenton Wood – The Oogum Boogum Song
Thievery Corporation – Barrio Alto
Adele – Cold Shoulder
Pleasure – Sending My Love
Farid – Closer Beats
Rustie – Pendulum
Vitamins for You – Theme De Gigi
Afrika Bambaataa – Zulu Nation Throwdown
African Underground – Intro
Aether – Autumn Pisces
The Traveling Wilburys – Tweeter And The Monkey Man
Beastie Boys – Stand Together
Max Richter – Last Days
Caribou – Found Out
DJ Food – Eyes Cream
Diego Bernal – A Long Second

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hardway Brothers - Mania Theme (Toby Tobias Remix)

Everything Toby Tobias lays his hands on turns into rolled-gold disco. This is no different. A nice gentle build into some spacey, trippy synths. Good beat. Good build. Good song. Get on it!

If you want a really crappy, unplayable version of this song, then here's a download link that I pinched from disco delicious. It's a low bit-rate. You should probably buy a version, but still ...
Download here

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Madonna -- Secret (Apple Scruff Edit)

This was a great song when it was first released in 1994. It comes off the back of a sound that was whipping its way around Europe and the US back then. Bands like SWV, Soul II Soul, and The Stereo MCs were having club hits and Madonna was keen to get in on this sound, and back onto the club DJ's decks.

This Apple Scruffs edit adds nothing to the original. It extends parts and allows the song to roll around a bit before getting to the chorus. That beat is kept and as it drops gently, the violins play nicely along.

Try it out.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Downtempo Remixes -- Virgin Magnetic Material

He's at it again. This set is a great collection of downtempo inventions of a wide range of genres. All of them seem to work on some kind of quirky, reworky tip, but you couldn't listen to the whole set at once.

Try the Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, and ... um ... Kings of Leon (!?)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Greg Wilson -- Live from Brisbane, Australia

Greg Wilson is in town, and he's smashing up the disco floors wherever he goes. Why did this guy ever retire? His finger is still on the pulse, and this set that he played in Brisbane last week will show you what I mean. A great range of tracks. Enjoy.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Soggy Disco Biscuit -- Volume 12

Well, how about that?! A whole year of mixtapes. Every one delivered on the first of the month, and not a single song played twice! I might do a 'best of ... ' next month. Leave a comment if there's a particular song from the past 12 mixtapes that you'd like to hear.

But onto March's mixtape. It jumps around a bit, and I've put a chapter in it midway through. You'll hear where. Next week, I get to see Nile Rodgers play some Chic classics, so I had to put in this Modjo inspired version of 'Soup For One'. There's a couple of songs I found on Soundcloud -- that site continues to be a goldmine for remixes. A nice throwback to some early 90s House with my 'Blow Your Whistle' remix awkwardly squeezed in between. And I guess Regurgitator would be considered retro now, so there's the old shit that Mick and Ash will hate! Maybe I can find them a One Direction vs Radiohead mashup for next month.

-- Tracklisting --
"Sir Mr Doctor To You " -- J.C Barteo
"So Good, So Right" (Casual Encounters Edit) -- Imagination
"Do Do Wap Is String In Here" (Ashley Beedle Re-edit) -- Curtis Mayfield
"Soup For One" (retouched) -- Chic
"Get Down It's Saturday Night" (The Noodleman Edit) -- Oliver Cheatham
"So Fucking Disco" (Toast Dawg Remix) -- Pase Rock
"! The Song Formerly Known As ... " -- Regurgitator
"Brighter Days" (Underground Trance Mix) -- Cajmere
"Blow Your Whistle" (Soggy Disco Biscuit remix) -- Soul Searchers
"Life Is A Circle" (Runaway Edit) -- Teddy Pendergrass
"Treaty" (Leftside Wobble Edit) -- Yothu Yindi
"Hideaway" (Deep Dish Remix) -- De' Lacy

Thursday, 1 March 2012

House of Wax Mix

Meatskull has moved! One of my favourite music blogs has transformed itself into something even more time-wastingly ace! There's all sorts of stuff to find on the new blog. It's called Mad Tangent. You find a link on the right of this site. Yep, just over here ---------------------------->

So, here's a nice mix by Lyndon, the guy who runs the blog. If you're from Sydney, you can catch him on the radio on 2SER 107.3 fm , with his show Another Angle. I'm in Melbourne, so this is as close as I get.

Here's what Lyndon has to say about this mix:

"Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be spinning records alongside some of the finest music selectors Sydney has to offer at The House Of Wax running from 4pm at Essen Restaurant & Beer Cafe on Broadway.
I thought I’d put together a mix of records featuring jazz funk & fusion, rare groove and reggae with a touch of soul  -  a small sip from the musical chalice that will be passed around by myself Willo, Adrian Firehouse and Rick G. Hope to see you there."


Alice Coltrane – Blue Nile
Bobbie Gentry – Seasons Come & Seasons Go
Quincy Jones – Listen (What It Is)
Eddie Henderson – Galaxy
The Spirit Of Atlanta – Freddie’s Alive
John Lee Hooker – Homework
Jacob Miller – I Am A Natty
The Guinness Cassanovas – Stormy
Sun Sect feat. Pam – She’s Hot
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – You’re A Song (That I Can’t Sing)
Kunuhiko Murai – Yajugari M-14 T-1
The Beatles – Sun King (Instrumental)
The Persuaders – Love’s Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out)
Judy Mowatt – Mellow Mood
Jah Fish – Vampire Rock
Burning Spear – Cry Blood Africa