Friday, 2 March 2012

Soggy Disco Biscuit -- Volume 12

Well, how about that?! A whole year of mixtapes. Every one delivered on the first of the month, and not a single song played twice! I might do a 'best of ... ' next month. Leave a comment if there's a particular song from the past 12 mixtapes that you'd like to hear.

But onto March's mixtape. It jumps around a bit, and I've put a chapter in it midway through. You'll hear where. Next week, I get to see Nile Rodgers play some Chic classics, so I had to put in this Modjo inspired version of 'Soup For One'. There's a couple of songs I found on Soundcloud -- that site continues to be a goldmine for remixes. A nice throwback to some early 90s House with my 'Blow Your Whistle' remix awkwardly squeezed in between. And I guess Regurgitator would be considered retro now, so there's the old shit that Mick and Ash will hate! Maybe I can find them a One Direction vs Radiohead mashup for next month.

-- Tracklisting --
"Sir Mr Doctor To You " -- J.C Barteo
"So Good, So Right" (Casual Encounters Edit) -- Imagination
"Do Do Wap Is String In Here" (Ashley Beedle Re-edit) -- Curtis Mayfield
"Soup For One" (retouched) -- Chic
"Get Down It's Saturday Night" (The Noodleman Edit) -- Oliver Cheatham
"So Fucking Disco" (Toast Dawg Remix) -- Pase Rock
"! The Song Formerly Known As ... " -- Regurgitator
"Brighter Days" (Underground Trance Mix) -- Cajmere
"Blow Your Whistle" (Soggy Disco Biscuit remix) -- Soul Searchers
"Life Is A Circle" (Runaway Edit) -- Teddy Pendergrass
"Treaty" (Leftside Wobble Edit) -- Yothu Yindi
"Hideaway" (Deep Dish Remix) -- De' Lacy


  1. i don't hate 'Old Shit', i hate crap 'old shit'......Broken Wings anyone?

    Onehead or Radiodirection?

  2. Onehead all the way.

    Broken Wings is a mighty and uplifting song that traverses the ages and speaks to us all.

    And a great drum beat.