Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Soggy Disco Biscuit -- Volume 11

I had the chance over January to get out and hear a couple of DJs play and I really liked what they were doing. None of that commercial house bollox. No LMFAO or Pitbull. Just a strong range of new-disco, soul remixes, and the odd classic thrown in. Harder to mix, but much better to listen to.

This is the inspiration for February's mix. All sorts of stuff here for you to listen to. That version of Bananarama's "Cruel Summer" is a classic electro version. You'll need to turn up Michael' Wycoff's song, sorry it's a little low but it's a hard track to find. I heard Spenda C play this great cover of the Strokes by Jumbonics, and I've also chucked in his remix of Bob Marley.

The song of the mix for me is Luke Million's "Arnold". Soooooo good! 'More Energy!' Everyone seemed to be playing "Hollywood Seven" just at the right time, and I had to get some deep disco in, so here's Moullinex, and that splendid remix of Canyons by DJ Harvey, and some Chet Faker.

Oh, and a cheeky little mashup I made of World's End Press to finish.

February, 2012

-- Tracklisting --

"Just a Lil' Lovin" - Outlines
"Cruel Summer (Tony Jacalone Smelter Edit)" - Bananarama
"Looking up to you" - Michael Wycoff
"Last Nite" - Jumbonics
"Arnold" - Luke Million
"Love And Feeling (Sleep D Mix)" - Chet Faker
"Think Twice" - The Detroit Experiment
"Modular Jam (Say Again Remix)" - Moullinex
"See Blind Through (DJ Harvey Remix)" - Canyons
"Could You Be Love (Spenda C MoombahBooty)" - Bob Marley
"Hollywood Seven (Disconet Dilemma)" - Mike Simonetti & Johnny Jewel
"Faithful (Dee-limerick Mix)" - Soggy Disco Biscuit

Yolanda Be Cool -- NYE Mixtape

You'll know Yolanda Be Cool from their surprisingly catchy remix from a couple of years back -- "We Speak No Americano". Wow, that song teared up a few dancefloors for me when I was DJing. Good fun!

So is this little mixtape from the lads as a warm up to New Year's Eve. Still sounding good now that the holidays are over. Bumpy and drum-driven house at its funkiest.

-- Track Listing --

1. The Message - Lee Mortimer Presents Tymer
2. Work - 2 Bears - Oliver $ Remix
3. What - Andy Gramm
4. Old School - Mendo
5. That Rhythm - Rubix - Xinobi Remix
6. Fired Up - Funky Green Dogs - Twilo Anthem Edit
7. Alright - Jet Project
8. Messe Messe - Gregor Salto and Makoomba - Afro Dub
9. Pianoman - Zombie Disco Squad
10. Move Your Body - Northbrook - Tommie Sunshine Remix
11. Fat Papa - Monkey Safari - Country Club Remix
12. Lazy Boogaloo - Mendo, Yvan Genkins
13. Le Bump feat Crystal Waters - Yolanda Be Cool - Bongo Remix
14. Love In Me - Laura Jones

Sunday, 29 January 2012

We Belong (soggy disco biscuit breakdown) -- Pat Benatar

Here's a little something for you to get annoyed at. It's me, once again destroying a perfectly good song for no good reason at all!

"Arnold" -- Luke Million

Oh my, can disco get any cheesier than this! Or, as my wife would say, any gayer! This is brilliant. It's another great disco track from an Australian. Luke Million is some geezer from Adelaide and is hooked up with Modular. He plays synth in the band "The Swiss" -- a live disco act.

This made it into the JJJ Hottest 100, at number 71. Good work!

"More Energy!"

Oh, and what have Soundcloud done with their player. It looks ace!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Bob Marley - Could You Be Love (Spenda C MoombahBooty)

Steve Lind is the guy making this remix under the guise of Spenda C. I caught a great set by Spenda C at the Sydney Festival a couple of weeks ago. He played for about 4 hours, and dropped everything from disco deep house to soul remixes. He got me on the dancefloor a couple of times, but I was more than happy to sit back with beer and listen to his remixes.

This was one of them. It's a Moombahton remix of a great Bob Marley classic. Moombahton? I hear you ask. Yeah! 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa (scratchandsniff re-rub)

Scratch and Sniff are at it again. Read what they have to say about this little number.

"Taken from the 1973 soundtrack released on ABC Records.
Funky as they come, but unfortunately over before you fully got your groove on.
I've extended the breaks and played with the arrangement so you can nod your head and tap your foot that little bit longer.
By now you should know what to expect, a simple cut and paste job with nothing added to stay true to the original material, just the way I want it to sound when I play it out."

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bag Raiders -- Monthly Mixtape

Everyone's jumping on the monthly mixtape bandwagon. Have you downloaded mine? It's up there on the right. See it? Just up there. That's it.

If you've been listening to them, then you'll know how much I'm digging the Bag Raiders. They seem to feature quite a lot. 

Take a listen to their monthly mixtape. Lots of deep house and tasty treats in this mix. They promise to release one a month. This is a good start.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Moullinex - "Modular Jam" (Say Again Remix)

This is a great track. What would you call it? Deep Disco House? I dunno. It's pretty lush, though, isn't it. Builds nicely into some synth heaven with some twinkly drums all the way through. Clever, restrained and delicious.

Say Again have done the remix of this. They claim to be a couple of guys who started "Solid Bump Records to save dance music from a plague of blog induced mediocrity." That sounds like a good tag line for this blog. "Blog Induced Mediocrity". I like it.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

R.T.S -- Downtempo mix

A nice little downtempo mix from the LifeCrushed Blog
Track List:
  1. Giant Star - Lorca
  2. Hyph Mngo - Joy Orbison
  3. Days (Deadboy Remix) - Creep
  4. Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix) - The xx
  5. Far Nearer - Jamie xx
  6. Blackmagic (Joy Orbison’s Recreation) - Jose James
  7. Neon - Dark Sky
  8. 101 (Boddika’s Drum Machine Mix) - Photek
  9. 1, 2 Funk (Discord vs Ciara) - Discord
  10. Papillion - R.T.S.
  11. Understand This Groove - (Trikk Understands The Groove Remix)
  12. Wade In - Joy O
  13. Sicko Cell - Joy O
  14. Mega Drive Generation - Martyn
  15. Distant Lights - Burial
  16. An Old Friend - Arthur
  17. Ubiquity (opti RMX) - Hybu
  18. City Blues - Leveless
  19. Street Halo - Burial
  20. Ikopol - Dauwd
  21. Paradox - Formless
  22. Elders - Biak
  23. Space - Biome
  24. Mortem Obire - Biak
  25. Love You Anyway - Cat’s Eyes

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Loleatta Holloway mixtape

It was a sad day last year in March when Loleatta Holloway died. She had a great big voice that would belt out over the top of a lot of disco tunes.

Here's a nice little mix that I found that blends together a few of her well known songs. Yep, that's right. Black Box didn't really sing "Ride On Time". The real lyric is 'right on time' but the two Italian DJs from Black Box had only a moderate grasp of the English language.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club

They seem to like their disco in the Ukraine. I wonder where the Saint Petersburg Disco Club is. Maybe in Saint Petersburg, I guess. Anyway, if this is the sort of stuff they play there, then I reckon I'd love it. Do you think these songs have only just come out in the Ukraine?

No track listing for this mix. You'll hear some Hall & Oats, some Zhane, some Circlesquare. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lemon Jelly -- "Soft"

My post the other day about Chicago got me thinking about another favourite song of mine. This one is a little ripper and will take you by surprise.

If I've had a good night on the decks, I'll put this one on as a special treat as the last song of the night. A bit of a thank you to the dancefloor. They love it, and it gives me a chance to start packing up. It's always nice to hear people singing this as they walk out of the venue, too.


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Chicago -- "Street Player" (12 inch dance mix)

When I think of the band Chicago, I think of classic soft rock hits for late night lovin'. "If you leave me now", "Hard for me to say I'm sorry", "Saturday in the park" -- these are great, tear-jerking ballads.

But, they also put out a couple of great disco classics that you won't find on any of their Greatest Hits CDs. One of them is this classic called "Street Player".

I bet you all thought that Pitbull sampled the Bucketheads for his craptastic hit. Nope, it was this little number, a far superior song to both of these.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Boz Scaggs -- "Lowdown" (Disco Syndicate's Dirty Lowdown Extended Mix)

I came across Disco Syndicate the other day and his huge collection of old disco remixes and extended cuts. He's an old guy in his 40s from Haarlem in the Netherlands, and has been mixing tunes for over 30 years.

His approach is exactly the sort of style I love. Take an old classic, and don't do too much to it other than extend it. Lengthen the intro, add a huge break in the middle, play around a little with the outro, and that's it. A perfect tool for DJs who just like the original songs to go for a little longer so that they can get to the bar and grab another beer.

Here's a great version of Boz Scaggs' "Lowdown", and you can find heaps of other mixes at his Soundcloud or his Facebook pages

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Soggy Disco Biscuit -- Volume 10

We made it to mixtape number 10, and it's a happy new year to everyone. Lots of good stuff on this mix. It moves pretty swiftly from new disco to old disco to house to deep house to AOR disco. Yep, I'm pretty happy with this little journey. 

Get on board


"Pumped Up Kicks" -- Foster The People (James Hallowell remix) 
"In The Forest" -- Baby O (scratchandscruffs edit) 
"Man Friday" -- Love Honey (LW Edit) 
"Rolling In The Deep" -- Adele (Sandro Oliveira Remix) 
"Do you Wanna Funk" -- Sylvester (Disco Syndicate's Chopshop special) 
"Dance And Chant" -- Sam Jam (Todd Terje Tangoterje remix) 
"Flight Facilities" -- Foreign Language feat. Jess (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) 
"Get A Move On" -- Mr. Scruff 
"Love Recycled 1" - Solomun 
"God part II" -- U2 (The Rubber Ring Rework) 
"Wings" -- New Found Land