Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Soggy Disco Biscuit -- Volume 11

I had the chance over January to get out and hear a couple of DJs play and I really liked what they were doing. None of that commercial house bollox. No LMFAO or Pitbull. Just a strong range of new-disco, soul remixes, and the odd classic thrown in. Harder to mix, but much better to listen to.

This is the inspiration for February's mix. All sorts of stuff here for you to listen to. That version of Bananarama's "Cruel Summer" is a classic electro version. You'll need to turn up Michael' Wycoff's song, sorry it's a little low but it's a hard track to find. I heard Spenda C play this great cover of the Strokes by Jumbonics, and I've also chucked in his remix of Bob Marley.

The song of the mix for me is Luke Million's "Arnold". Soooooo good! 'More Energy!' Everyone seemed to be playing "Hollywood Seven" just at the right time, and I had to get some deep disco in, so here's Moullinex, and that splendid remix of Canyons by DJ Harvey, and some Chet Faker.

Oh, and a cheeky little mashup I made of World's End Press to finish.

February, 2012

-- Tracklisting --

"Just a Lil' Lovin" - Outlines
"Cruel Summer (Tony Jacalone Smelter Edit)" - Bananarama
"Looking up to you" - Michael Wycoff
"Last Nite" - Jumbonics
"Arnold" - Luke Million
"Love And Feeling (Sleep D Mix)" - Chet Faker
"Think Twice" - The Detroit Experiment
"Modular Jam (Say Again Remix)" - Moullinex
"See Blind Through (DJ Harvey Remix)" - Canyons
"Could You Be Love (Spenda C MoombahBooty)" - Bob Marley
"Hollywood Seven (Disconet Dilemma)" - Mike Simonetti & Johnny Jewel
"Faithful (Dee-limerick Mix)" - Soggy Disco Biscuit

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