Sunday, 26 August 2012

Disco on a Shoestring

You know what can be fun? Trawling through the op-shops on the weekend and stumbling across the box full of old records. Usually, the album covers alone are enough to raise a giggle, but every now and then, a rare tune might surface and you've got yourself a bargain for under a fiver.

This is the concept behind these two mixes. Spankie Hazard spent some time in the bargain bins of NYC, Tokyo and ... um ... Geelong and found some disco classics. Who's buying disco in Geelong? Oh, and take a look at the tracks, and see how much each disc cost.

Anyway, this was a few years ago, and he made a couple of mixtapes with his finds. Only now, has he uploaded them to his Soundcloud, so enjoy.

Disco On A Shoestring 2002 Mixtape (DOWN TEMPO) 
1) Intro 
2) Straight Down To The Bone - Blanche Carter (50 cents, Manhattan, NYC) 
3) Overdose Of Love - Lowrell (500 yen, Yokohama) 
4) I've Been Watching You - St. Tropez ($1, Geelong) 
5) I'm Caught Up - Inner Life ($4, The Bronx, NYC) 
6) Don't Say Goodnight - First Love (50 cents, Manhattan, NYC) 
7) Love's Comin' At Ya - Melba Moore ($1, Manhattan, NYC) 
8) Make Up Your Mind - Aurra ($2, Manhattan, NYC) 
9) I'm In Love - Evelyn King ($5, Prahran, Melbourne) 
10) Show You My Love - Goldie Alexander ($1, Geelong) 
11) Just How Sweet Is Your Love - Rhyze ($1, Geelong) 
12) Rock The House (Pt. II) - Elite (50 cents, Manhattan, NYC) 
13) The Groove Is Here - Legacy (50 cents, Manhattan, NYC...and there were five more...) 
14) You're Too Late - Fantasy ($2, Prahran, Melbourne) 
15) Never Too Late - Julius Brown ($1, Geelong) 
16) Make It Last Forever - Inner Life (500 yen, Tokyo)

Disco On A Shoestring 2002 Mixtape (UP TEMPO) 
1) Intro 
2) B&G Rhythm - B&G Rhythm (50 cents, Manhattan, NYC) 
3) Everybody Get Down - Mouzon's Electric Band ($2, Camberwell, Melbourne) 
4) Let Your Body Run (Inst.) - Francie Simone (50 cents, Manhattan, NYC) 
5) What You Won't Do For Love - Denie Corbett (50 cents, Manhattan, NYC) 
6) Last Night Surrender - Jeree Palmer (50 cents, Manhattan, NYC) 
7) Body Party - Gay Evers & Nitelite (25 cents, Hawthorn, Melbourne) 
8) Get Down, Get Down - Melody Stewart (50 cents, Portarlington and also $1, Brooklyn) 
9) Give A Damn - SOS ($3, Camberwell) 
10) I Don't Know If It's Right - Evelyn King (both copies for 50 cents, Manhattan, NYC) 
11) Dance Sing Along - Freedom ($4, Melbourne) 
12) Time (Inst.) - Stone (Gift from friend) 
13) Plain Out Of Luck - Gayle Adams ($3, Melbourne) 
14) Love In Your Life - El Coco ($2, Dandenong, Melbourne) 
15) You're So Right For Me - Eastside Connection ($10 for both copies, NYC) 
16) I'm A Free Man (Francois K Re-edit) - Southshore Commission (500 yen, Tokyo)

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing your mission. Very nice indeed. I have some Op shop El Coco also :-)