Friday, 24 August 2012

Soggy Disco Biscuit -- Volume 18

Look at us getting in a week early with September's podcast. Why? Well, usually I like to post it to Soundcloud a little earlier. But the douches over there won't allow me to upload it because of "Copyright Issues", meaning one of these tracks has been flagged by the artist as one to look out for if a DJ uses it in their mix. Strange, because most of these songs use samples themselves. I bet it was Dimitri From Paris, and his Village People remix.
So, you're stuck with only the Podomatic player this month. Hope it works on your iPad. lol
But onto the tunes. My favourite Chicago tune kicks things off. And you thought Pitbull wrote that, didn't you? As if. My mate Stephane Darras' new track fits nicely into my remix of the Soulsearchers. Finally, something to make my crappy remix sound better than it actually is. Some old 90s house in there, of course, some deep nudisco and finishing with a cheeky little cover.
Bring on the Spring!
September, 2012
-- tracklisting --
"Street Player (12" Dance Mix)" - Chicago 
"Jingo (David Rodriguez 12'' Mix)" - Candido
"Love & Happiness" - River Ocean feat. India 
"If You Feel Like Dancin'" - Stephane Darras 
"Blow Your Whistle (Soggy Disco Biscuit remix)" - Soulsearchers 
"My Roommate (DFP Nu edit)" - Village People 
"Dancing With the DJ" - The Knocks 
"I'm Gonna Get You" - Bizarre Inc. 
"Tortuga" - Claes Rosen 
"Don't " - Bicep & Omar Odyssey 
"Wish I Didn't Miss You (Soulful House mix)" - Ricky Teixeira & Rojey James vs Angie Stone 
"I Thought It Was You (12" Mix)" - Sex-O-Sonique 
"Hey Ya" - Booker T. Jones

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