Tuesday, 7 August 2012

"If You Feel Like Dancin'" -- Stephane Darras

London would be going off right now. Jessica Ennis wins gold for the pent-abdomens event. The rowers keep winning like they have three oars each. Cyclists are cycling, and even Andy Murray is winning! And even though it's raining, the city looks glorious and glamourous and glittery and glad to be alive.

Meanwhile, over the channel, France is chugging along quite nicely, merci beaucoup very much, tres oui! You may not see their team on the TV, you may not be able to name even one of their athletes. But they're fifth on the medal table, and their summer is doing just fine.

Which brings me to my "disco correspondence", Stephane Darras. If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll know how he and I have built a little pen-pal thing over the last few months. His disco mixtapes are huge and move swiftly from the latest nu-disco to old school classics seamlessly and effortlessly.

And finally, he's pushed out a little remix of his own. He's taken a little known song called "If You Feel Like Dancin'" and given it his Parisian workover. The original was from a band called 94 East and featured an unknown calling himself Prince. In fact, I think the whole band was Prince. Who knows? Wikipedia doesn't seem to. My suspicion is that this is all Prince. It was back in the 70s, anyways.

But Stephane has taken this to a new level. In true nu-disco style, he's taken the mix and done very little other than amplify the best bits and taken out the junk. A solid groove that moves the hips without too much effort and lets you know that the disco is here for the night.

Play it early in the set and start the night off right.

Stephane, great work!

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