Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Music for plutonic friendships -- Will Cumming

Fuck getting stuck in the friendzone. Who needs that? There's only a small window when you first meet a girl to take a jump at fate and make her yours. Wait too long, and you'll slip. Slip into a world of picking her up off the floor when she's drunk, going shopping with her for shoes, plaiting her hair so she can look good for her date later that night. Eughh!

Here's the latest chapter in DJ Will Cumming's "Music For ... "series.You may recall his last one; "Music For Serious Gardening". This one is a bit deeper, a bit more melancholic, a bit regretful. Shoulda made a pass at her when you still had a chance. Too late, you've entered the friendzone.

It's You (Ron Basejam Remix) - The White Lamp
A Song For You (Original Mix) - Kris Menace, Stars On 33
Wish i didn't miss you - Angie Stone
Feel Alright (Original Mix) – Toben
Dancing in Outer Space (the Revenge Rework One) – Atmosfear
Hold On (Matthias Meyer Remix) – SBTRKT
Feel For You – Tigerskin
We Are Child Of Love (The Mekanism Remix) - Mario Basanov
He Is The Answer (Amine Edge Mashup) - Solomun Vs Celeda
Tom's Diner (Anna's Junior Burger Edit) - Anna Lunoe & Wordlife
Make Me Feel So Good – Lesale
Games – Infinity Ink

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