Monday, 9 April 2012

Head Nodder Mix 2 -- DJ SAME

DJ Same is on his game!. Remember the Head Nodder Mix from a few weeks back. I'm still playing it. I reckon you are, too. Why wouldn't you? It was grand! But check it, he's made another.

It starts perfectly, with a lovely little re-rub of a classic you should know. There's nothing like a little PRML SCRM to start things off. Ya nodding ya head, yet? I thought so. Wait till the second song! Bombs away! Oh, and Robbie Williams, anyone? Yeah, I thought so! Not quite though, but close! It's ecstasy, when you're next to me!

But check this mix. How smooth, how neat, how tidy! It all fits in. Clicketty-click. Nice and tight.

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