Saturday, 7 April 2012

HOLLYWOOD SEVEN (Disconet Dilemma Extended Edit)

I first heard this song when Jon English sang it in 1979. It was a great song then, but not his. Who wrote it? Who cares ... this is the version you'll know by now. This disco ripper is all over the place at the moment. It's been massive on dance floors for months and just keeps getting better. Late at night, early in the set, people love it! Mike Simonetti, the guy behind this remix, has been playing this for around 6 years. 

Every DJ has a tune they grab just at the right time. Something obscure, something deep in the back of the box that only he can remember. Something to shake up the 4/4 house beats and hit refresh on the dancefloor. What's yours? Is it an AC/DC track that rocks the floor just at the right time? Maybe "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ-Top, or "When the World Is Running Down" by The Police. They're both mine, but you can have them. Give them a go! You'll see what I mean. You need a song to break the beat. To wash the floor. To start over. Find your own. Or pinch someone else's, like I do!



  1. The blog's going off - keep up the great work.


  2. Thanks Lyndon. I'm having some fun digging through your blog, too.