Saturday, 19 November 2011

Greg Wilson -- Live at Glastonbury, 2011

Oh wow! You're gonna love this set. It's Greg Wilson live at the WOW! stage at Glastonbury this year. Greg Wilson is the shit! He's been spinning tunes since 1975. Then he gave it up in 1983, then he came back with a vengeance in 2003.

He was the first DJ to be given a residency at the Hacienda. He was the first DJ to mix live on TV! He had a big influence on the music scene in the 80s, helping the shift from disco to electronica.

His sets are famous for his use of a reel-to-reel unit dropping soundbites over the top of songs. You'll hear this throughout this set. His mixing is also pretty tight. 

Some killer disco, some hip-hop, some down-tempo house. It's all there on this mix. Man, I'd love to go to Glasto. I'd spend my time in this tent, and U2 can go and get to buggery! 

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