Monday, 14 November 2011

Essential Mix -- Every one!

BBC 1 runs a radio show every Saturday night since 1993 called "The Essential Mix" It's hosted by Pete Tong, and is a 2 hour set by the best DJs in the world. Everyone's been on it and some of these sets are just fantastic. Some are also very important and changed dance music and DJ's lives forever.

Paul Oakenfold did a "Goa Mix" in 1994 that introduced people to the idea of Trance music for the first time. It was a huge step away from House for those listening in London.

In June, 1997, David Holmes dropped a 2 hour set that was a mix of some of his favourite tracks, moving from soul to rock, showing everyone that a DJ's record collection was more important than his scratching or mixing.

Pete Tong and Mike Pickering put together a mix celebrating the Factory and Hacienda in August, 2007 when Tony Wilson died. It's a great set.

Other rippers include Ashley Beedle's reggae set in 1998, Massive Attack's mix in 1994, and a live show from Creamfields in 1998 that was played 10 years later.

Lucky for you, someone's put every show up on Soundcloud and it's a great way to waste an afternoon.

Listen to and download every one here.

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