Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Billie Jean -- covers and samples

Billie Jean is probably the best song in the world. Probably. I must own over 25 different remixes of this song. I try to play it every time I DJ. Usually the original. It's fun to play, great to mix in and out of, and it's by MJ. What more do you want? Well, there's some good versions kicking around that you may like.

Here's one by a bloke called Aloe Blacc. You may know him from his huge world-wide smash "I Need A Dollar". This is a great, stripped back version. It makes more sense this way. I've always wondered why a guy would be singing about a child-paternity claim in such an uptempo, dancefloor friendly way?

If you were around in the early 2000s you would have come across the "Back To Mine" CD series of chillout albums. One of them, by Faithless, ended with this little reggae version. It's ace! A nice way to end a set.

And how about this mashup that was made in 1983. That's right, a mashup from the early 80s. And you thought only the Jive Bunny was doing that, silly rabbit.

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