Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Danny Rampling -- Shoom

So, the story goes that Danny Rampling started "Rave Culture and the Summer of Love" in London by going to Ibiza with Paul Oakenfold, and taking drugs, and hearing House music for the first time in a club called Amnesia. And then they brought it all back to grimy, cold, miserable London. Yeah, okay, I'll believe that.

He did start a club called Shoom. He did blow our minds in a club called SW1 in the early 90s, where he'd mix Nirvana into disco into the Chemical Brothers. He did become one of the first Superstar DJs. And you know what that means. CDs produced en masse, radio shows, worldwide tours, and eventually an announcement that you need to retire.

So here's his retirement show, broadcast on BBC1 as an Essential Mix, Christmas morning, 2005. And, like all rockstars and sportsmen and artists who announce a retirement, I think he's since come back out of retirement.

Oh, and if you were going to play a last ever, say-goodbye, retirement set on the radio, would you play Simply Red? Nah, me neither.

Track Listing

  • Underground Sound Of Hungary 'Save Our Soul (Sman Mix)' (Stealth) 
  • Simply Red 'Perfect Love' (Simply Red Records) 
  • Madonna 'Deeper And Deeper (Italian Bootleg)' (White Label) 
  • Klement Bonelli Feat Dragonfly 'Nocturnal' (Newlite Music) 
  • Jerome Sydenam 'Sandcastles (Pete Heller Remix)' (Defected) 
  • David Morales 'Drip' (White Label) 
  • David Morales 'How Would You Feel' (Definity) 
  • Maria Carey 'We Belong Together (Peter Rahoufer Mix) (White Label) 
  • Dj Romain 'Coz Its Alright' (White Label) 
  • Dj Spen 'For The Love Of House' (Defected) 
  • Karizma Vs Technic 'Gaybrielle' (Defected) 
  • Unknown 'Sun' (White Label) with Jask 'Taking It Back' (Accepella) 
  • Danny Rampling & Mync 'Strobelite' (Emi Positiva) 
  • Puff Daddy 'Lets Get Ill' (White Label) 
  • 16th Element 'Warp 16' (Loaded) 
  • Inxs 'Need You Tonight (Bootleg Mix) (White Label) 
  • Renato 'Spank That' (White Label) 
  • Alex Dolby 'Unknown' (White Label) 
  • Remy 'Bang' (White Label) 
  • Jam And Spoon 'Odysee To Anjuna' (Sony)

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  1. Unknown 'Sun' (White Label) with Jask 'Taking It Back' (Accepella)

    i don't find this track ID