Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I had the pleasure of catching RUFUS playing on Australia day at The Espy. They were supporting some unknown calling himself DJ Yoda. With a name like that, he'll never catch on. ;)

And while Yoda certainly delivered on his promise to provide a beat heavy set, it was the guys from RUFUS who really impressed me that night. Strong, driving drums with great hooks throughout. It was just enough to make me forget the travesty that was JJJ's number one song for 2012!

The lads also put together a tasty little mixtape. Check it, yo!

1. Justin Martin- Hoodrich (RUFUS Edit)
2. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur- Your Love (Waze & Odyssey Remix)
3. Cassian- On & On
4. RUFUS- This Summer (Softwar Remix)
5. Oliver $- Granulated Soul
6. Sacha Robotti- The Big Ol'
7. Shadow Child- So High (RUFUS' Charmed Life Edit)
8. Justin Martin- Riding Spaceships (Ardalan's Lisa In The Sky Remix)
9. Cassius- Sound Of Violence (Narcotic Thrust Edit)
10. Symphony Hall- One Night Stand (feat. Jay Norton)
11. Hot Chip- Flutes (Sasha Remix)
12. Karma Kid- Lust Love (RUFUS' We Left Edit)
13. Raffa FL & The Wows- Harlot's House
14. RUFUS- Selena (Lancelot Remix)
15. Daft Punk- Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)

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