Sunday, 13 January 2013

JSquared -- Goodnight 2012

Got a bit of a treat for you all today. Check this little number out. It was sent to me by John Enston, who goes by the name JSquared on his Soundcloud. Dunno if he's a DJ, or just some geezer with good taste in tunes. But he's put together something kinda special right here. A little bit of old-school electro, a little bit of disco-funk, a nice handling of the sample, and off we go.

This is right on the money right now. Drop this next time your room is peaking, and I'll reckon you'll have them all saying "yeah!" It moves back and forth from Daft Punk, to nu-disco, to big room synths and back to the disco groove that you know Soggy Disco Biscuit just loves. I'll be playing this one fo' sho'

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