Monday, 24 September 2012

Rayko @ The Ministry Of Sound

Rayko is one cool disco dude from Madrid. He had a ripper of a track last year called "Broadway" which took a Bee Gees tune and made it sound good again. Most of his stuff is disco tinted dance floor funtimes that makes you want to grab the oldest flares in your wardrobe and hit the tiles. He takes oldies that were a bit cringy, and makes them into newies that are not so cringy. Bananarama, Hall & Oats, The O'Jays all get a treatment.

This set is a little mix-up for some tiny club called The Ministry Of Sound. I wonder what that place is like, then?


1. Baby (Rayko Special "Moroder Sound Club Opening Edit)
2. Long Beach (Rayko edit)
3. People (Rayko edit)
4. So In Love (Rayko edit)
5. Hard (Rayko edit)
6. Conscious of my Conscience (Rayko Mighty Dragon Soul edit)
7. This Is It (Rayko edit)
8. Love You More (Rayko extended edit)
9. You Might Need Somebody (Rayko vs Space Duke edit)

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