Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fleetwood Mac -- Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)

The AOR Disco and Yacht Rockin' Beatz session in Melbourne looks like it might be going ahead. I'll keep you posted on what and when it is happening, but I'm talking with a few venues that might be interested.

One thing is for sure, this is what I'll be playing. Who are Psychemagik? A couple of crazy hippies with blissed out bios and Cosmic Forest dreaming crap all over their website. But also a team who are consistently putting out some of the best remixes and reworkings at the moment. I use a lot of their edits in my mixes. You may have heard the World's End Press mix lately. Or their work for 2ManyDjs, or their take on Wang Chung.

But here's their new jam and it is cool as all fuck. Simple concept, really. Take some Fleetwood Mac and make it contemporary. Everyone's doing it. Every second post these days on AOR Disco is a Fleetwood Mac remix. That blog got real old, real fast. And just like Michelle Obama's vagina, this song was crying out for some attention from a couple of blokes who knew what to do with it.

These guys add their spin to this song and turn it into something gentle and malleable. It's that intro that we all know and love, but there's swooshes and basslines that are unfamiliar yet friendly. Is this the Cosmic Forest? Maybe. Let's take a walk through it.

It'll take you three-and-a-half minutes to get to the song proper. But it's a nice wander and you should take your time. Once you're there, you'll know what I mean.

It's a tricky beat to download, but you'll work it out. Start by going here. Oh, and while you're on the Facebook, give us a "like"

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