Thursday, 8 December 2011

U2 - "God part II (The Rubber Ring Rework)"

Fuck U2! Oh, and fuck Bono, too! What a wanker. Look at this and then try to argue that Bono is not the biggest muppet in the world. You can't.

But, you can fall in love with this little reworking of one of their semi-decent songs.


  1. soggy disco is a moron and a Kow

  2. soggy disco's father leapt a Kow whose baby was a turd in the bud

  3. Replies
    1. a frustrated moron...
      Bono is a fucking good singer and songwriter///

  4. you should call yourself soggy brain !!!!

  5. Hooray, my biggest fan is back with more unintelligble gibberish

    In monents like this, I ask myself. What would Megan Gale's creepy stalker do?

  6. Bono is a dumb irish plonker... Cheers to you for having the bollocks to say so!

  7. Poor Bono! The world has finally realised that he is a talentless toolbox who sux balls. And he is a Kow whose baby was a turd in the bud