Saturday, 17 December 2011

ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast

I kind of like the idea of band members getting together and doing a DJ set. I've seen members of Architecture in Helsinki play Martika's version of Love Thy Will Be Done, and hear that !!! put on a great dance set.

The ClashMusic Podcast has posted over 100 episodes, and a lot of them are sets, mostly unmixed, put together by bands. It makes a refreshing change from superstar DJs (here we go) programming a blend of all their latest remixes.

I like this one from Australian 'soon-to-be's'; Canyons. It's hazy and light.

1. Grouper 'Alien Observer'
2. Kate Bush 'Army Dreamers'
3. The Honeymoon Killers 'Decollage'
4. Aqua Bassino 'Too Hard To Try And Find'
5. Shock 'Dream Games'
6. Eurythmics 'Somebody Told Me'
7. Jerry Garcia/The Grateful Dead 'Love Scene'
8. Charles Wright 'Do Your Thing'
9. The Vampire Sound Inc 'The Lions And The Cucumber'
10. The Majestic Arrows 'I'll Never Cry For Another Boy (Rehearsal)'

Download the Canyons DJ Mix here

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