Thursday, 6 October 2011

DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey is one old dude. Take a good look at him. He reminds me of that famous mugshot photo of Nick Nolte. If you saw him on the street, you'd probably either look the other way, or offer him some loose change from your pockets. But Harvey doesn't need your money. The guy's been DJing forever.

I first caught a set from him at The Ministry of Sound back in the early 90s. He'd play in the front bar, and drop a selection of disco-fused house numbers that would get us all shaking. Good tunes! He also played at the Gardening Club, another favourite of ours in Covent Garden.

I missed him at the Meredith Music Festival in 2010, but my wife woke up to the sounds of Olivia Newton-John's "Xanadu" and got out of the tent and ventured down to the hill to catch the end of his set. Good thing too, because Harvey's rock star antics at the end of this set are now yet another Meredith Music Festival legend. Take a look below.

Here's an interview he did for the "Beats in Space" radio show and a bit of a mix he put together that plays in the background. 

1. Locussolus - Tan Sedan (Dr Dunks Buick Regal Dub) - International Feel
2. Crown Heights Affair - Dream World - De-Lite
3. Legowelt - Backwoods Fantasies - L.I.E.S.
4. Legowelt - Sea Of Nuhuhu - L.I.E.S.
5. Nicky Siano - Move - Splash
6. Was It A Cat I Saw? (ML Booster Re-Edit) - Who Knows?
7. Mr Fox - Party Track - Golden Flamingo
8. Blanche Carter - Straight Down To The Bone - TSOB
9. Master Jay And Michael Dee - TSOB (Part Two) - TSOB
10. World Premiere - Share The Night - Easy Street
11. Craig Peyton - Be Thankful For What You Got - Profile
12. Locussolus - Throwdown (Com Truise Remix) - International Feel
13. D.C. LaRue - Do You Want The Real Thing - Casablanca

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