Sunday, 30 October 2011

Canyons -- Keep Your Dreams

These guys are good. They're from Western Australia, and their music is heavy on the synths, with a cheeky bit of saxophone thrown in for good measure. It's the sound we've come to expect from a lot of Modular bands, but one that we'll hear plenty of over the coming summer festival season.

Their debut album called "Keep Your Dreams" came out yesterday, but Modular have been kind enough to stream it to us through Soundcloud. I'm a big fan of this one, so enjoy!

Canyons - Keep Your Dreams

Oops -- looks like modular have taken it down. Oh well, you can simply download the album here

Here's a nice little mixtape from one of the lads as a bonus for your long weekend.

Track Listing

  • Mtume - You, Me and He (It's non-functional)
  • Embryo - Mao in Afrique pt1
  • Kemet Crew - The Fruit
  • Ph-7 - The Power of Sound
  • Castle Beat - Today. Tonight. Forever (dub)
  • Koro Koro - No Smoke
  • The Bayara Citizens - Marfungo
  • Amin-peck - Girls On Me
  • Techno Scratch - Techno Scratch
  • Bang the Party - Bang Bang You're Mind
  • Canyons - With Love and Guns (Long-winded demo)
  • The Monks - Drugs In My Pocket
  • Jackson 5 - I Am Love
  • Canyons - Sun and Moon (Pitched Down Demo)

And if that doesn't get you going, how about this remix of Canyons first single off the album by no other than DJ Harvey

Canyons - See Blind Through (DJ Harvey Remix)

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