Sunday, 3 March 2013

Masters at Work -- NYE Sydney 2013

Deep, deep inside. Deep, deep down inside.

When I heard that Masters At Work were in the country, I almost blew a fuse. It's been well over ten years since I danced on their floor. They bring a party, no doubt! But to hear that they were playing up north was just too much.

I couldn't make the gig. Glad I could download it, though.

Big set! It's a journey into sound. You know what to expect. That bouncing 90s beat. Bumpedy-bump. Low-key bass-lines, India on the vocals, and big smiles all round. So many mash-ups! Check out the mix from "God Made Me Funkee" into "Plastic Dreams". Now, that's what it was like on the floor all those years ago. Four dex, two legends, one soundcloud link.

Hit play, yo!

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