Sunday, 18 September 2011

"Red Right Hand" -- Nick Cave (Rio Lobotomy Op)

Nick Cave reminds me of a time when I was walking around in second hand suit jackets and drinking Speckled Hen in beer gardens in London. Three months later I found SW1 and Danny Rampling and that all changed forever but I still hold a fondness for the Bad Seeds. How can you not when you watch this performance at Glastonbury?

Have you ever heard Nick Cave in the disco? Ever been stuck somewhere on a dancefloor and a Birthday Party song has come on? Nah, me neither. But I tell you something for free. Try stopping yourself from dancing to this little number.

I was absolutely delighted to find this disco remix by Rio Lobotomy, a couple of disco dudes from Brisbane. It's been around for about twelve months but is coming out on vinyl over the summer. Their remixes are pretty tasty, as well.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand [ A Rio Lobotomy Op ] by Rio Lobotomy

Download available here

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