Saturday, 17 September 2011

Guilty Pleasures -- scratchandsniff

Scratchandsniff is a guy called Dan from Glasgow. He has quite a good philosophy on disco edits. Take the song and cut and paste it properly. Make it loop, extend the intro, give it a solid outro. Turn a song that is already dancefloor friendly into something that can work in any room. No need for enhanced bass-lines, extra drums. Let the song speak for itself. Keep it true to its original sound and feeling. It's a re-rub, rather than a remix. 

I use his re-rub of Jackie Wilson's "Higher and Higher" all the time when I play. Makes a great last song of the night. Have a listen to that intro and imagine the fun you could have mixing that into Gloria Jones' "Tainted Love". It just makes sense, doesn't it! Music like this makes the loop feature on my CDJs obsolete.

One of my favourite ideas of his is the "Guilty Pleasures" series. We all have them; songs that we're supposed to hate but really love. I can't help playing "Islands in the Stream" at any opportunity. If the room is in the right mood, it can go berserk. 

We were lucky enough to be given a Soggy Disco Biscuit exclusive. It's Scratchandsniff's latest Guilty Pleasure and it's only available to download here. How exciting! I'm only going to keep it live for a limited time. Enjoy!

Hot Chocolate - Everyones A Winner (scratchandsniffs guily pleasure edit) by soggydiscobiscuit

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