Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Guy Uppiah -- Keep Vinyl Alive

You probably don't know who Guy Uppiah is. The man was a DJ legend in Melbourne almost a decade ago. Shit, maybe two decades ago! God knows where he is now. Probably having dreams about Freakazoid. I used to catch a few sets of his at a club called Checkpoint Charlie back in the late 80s. All disco, with a little bit of a new style called House seeping through.

Check this mix. Strictly rhythm, strictly vinyl.

Anyone who drops Alison Limerick's "Where Love Lives" is alright by me.


  1. hey man, i've been following and DLing off here for ages and ages but the guy uppiah thing prompted me to write. I'm from melbourne too and followed guy thru many places: checkpoint, razor, savage etc. he is great and active on a few disco groups on facebook. keep the great sounds coming and when I have my 50th in two years -- you are DJing, ok?

  2. Thanks for the comment Chris. Glad you're liking the disco. Happy to come and spin some tunes for your birthday.