Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Gorillaz -- Complete Discography

2013 looks like it's going to be a good year for long overdue album releases. I've heard that Empire of the Sun will be releasing their second album this year, so that's only 4 years between drinks. And Daft Punk. You may remember them from 2005 when they released their last album "Human After All" and then spent the next 1 million years touring. They're also putting out their next album this year.

But one group who won't be is The Gorillaz. What a combo-meal they were back in the naughties (it still doesn't sound right, that. The oh-ohs?) Huge, game-changing albums. Post-millenium videos. Cartoon beatz with cargo-pant styles and goggles for everyone. Get the cool shoe-shine? We sure did. I miss them.

So, while your waiting for those new releases, have a listen to every Gorillaz album. On me!

Gorillaz (2001)

G-Sides (2002)

Laika Come Home (2002)

Demon Days (2005)

D-Sides (2007)

iTunes Session (2010)

Plastic Beach (2010)

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