Saturday, 15 December 2012

It's The Falling In Love (LNTG Rework) -- Michael Jackson

Alright! So I might be a little guilty of dropping a little too much Michael Jackson onto this blog. I make no apologies for that. You know he's coming to town, don't you?! It's true! I heard it today being promoted on GoldFM and RRR. Okay, so the Jackson 5, or The Jacksons, or Laytoya, or some of them are coming. You just know they're gonna pull out that whole virtual hologram shit of MJ when they get here. Should be good. Or awkward. Or somewhere in between.

But this jam is a little number you won't here at the Hisense/ Emirates / Etihad Stadium. And you know why? Because it's my main man LNTG from Adelaide messing it all up and making it all good again. No creepy brothers getting in the way. No children to touch up in their special places. No monkeys, or elephant men, or Neverland bollox. Just a groove!

It all drops around the 3 minute mark. So work the floor into the sleuth! Gotta love a B-Side!

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