Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ministry of Sound -- The Sessions -- Volume One

Believe it or not, there was a time when those crappy Ministry of Sound albums actually sounded good. To be really honest, there was a time when if you said Ministry of Sound people thought of a nightclub, not a style of music. Too many douchebags come up to me these days when I DJ at those lame staff Christmas parties, asking if I can "play some of that Ministry of Sound" music. It's become synonymous with commercial, radio-friendly, mass-produced, David Guetta created dance music. All those albums sound the same.

But once, they were good. And this was the first one. I bought a copy of this on tape in the early 90s, probably from the nightclub itself. I don't really remember. I reckon I played it every day until Volume 2 came out. It was actually mixed by a DJ, not the new Ableton DJ 5000 software. He got to choose the tracks, not the top 15 from Beatport that month.

Have a listen, I think it still sounds good. Probably not that fresh, but still good.

1     Mother – All Funked Up (Mother's Pride Mix)
2     Brother Love Dubs – Ming's Incredible Disco Machine (Geeeeetaar & Peeeeeanno Mix)
3     Mr. Peach – Let's Dance (Original Peach Mix)
4     Roach Motel – Movin' On (Correct House Mix)
5     Club 69 – Take A Ride (Extended Disco Mix) 
6     Gabrielle – Dreams (Red Underground Mix)
7     The New Dance Republic – Take It To The Top (Epstein's Massive Bongo Mix)  
8     X Press 2 – London X-Press (The Journey Continues)  
9     Shakespears Sister – Black Sky (Dub Extravaganza Part II)
10     The Seven Grand Housing Authority – The Question 
11     Arizona Featuring Zeitia – Slide On The Rhythm
12     Chubby Chunks – Testament One 


  1. Snap!'s biggest fan20 September 2011 at 17:59

    Some old gems in there! Mr. Peach is pretty hard to find, but well worth it....There are some ****ing shockers in there though! HA! the beginning of a downward spiral possibly?